Unless you live in the most remote of locations, there’s likely to be some kind of classified listings site you can use to sell your unwanted items online. These sites have changed the way many people buy and sell, and they allow sellers to reach millions of potential buyers across different regions of the country (or world). But how do you create a classified listing that will get traffic? How do you keep those visitors on your listing until they make the decision to buy? This guide will help you with everything from setting up your first ad to understanding how much money you can expect to make from each sale.

Introduce Yourself

Start with a short introduction of yourself. You can also include an anecdote about how you came up with your business idea and what your business is all about. If possible, it’s also good to add some technical information about your product or service (e.g., how it works) as well as any legal information, such as laws and regulations that pertain to your business.

Why People Should Buy From You

Be very specific in detailing what makes you better than your competition. The more specific and honest you are, in fact, the better. Don’t just write I have low prices—how do your prices compare to those of your competitors? Don’t just say I have high quality products and services—define quality.

What Makes Your Product Special

Unless you are trying to sell something common, such as shoes or books, there is probably something special about your product. Maybe it’s especially rare, has high quality materials, or has an interesting history. Try and emphasize these qualities in your listing.

Tips for Creating the Title of Your Listing

Set yourself apart by coming up with a title that’s catchy and engaging. Think of your title as a headline—it should be intriguing enough for people to want to click on it.

1) Start with free or hurry. People love getting something for free, so using one of these words in your title often leads to high click-through rates.

2) Use power words. Words like never, can’t, and best can help you compete against paid ads by attracting more attention and boosting your conversion rate.

Where to Place the Phrase Location: in your Title

Just like with posts on any other topic, it’s best to use your title as a means of making sure someone actually clicks through and reads your content. Make it clear what your post is about in the first few words or so—then you can really start digging into specifics after you’ve grabbed people’s attention. If you want more tips, we have an entire post just on titles.

When and Where to Include All Other Keywords in Your Listing

These keywords should be placed in your title, description, body text and ads. In Google’s Search Console, you can see how many times certain words or phrases appear on your site. Use these numbers as keywords to ensure that every element of your ad has been used a minimum of five times. For example, if fixer upper is included in your title and description seven times (and each time it is different), but only appears once in your body text—adjust it.


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