To attract your audience, you need to make your ad stand out from the crowd of other classified ads posted on Craigslist, Kijiji, or whichever site you’re using. When crafting your next classified ad, here are five essential elements to make sure it sticks out from the rest and attracts potential customers looking for what you’re selling.


Some ad writers believe you can write whatever you want in an ad, so long as you place it somewhere that lots of people will see it. This school of thought is wrong. When writing classified ads, there are rules to follow, which is why many advertisers hire professional writers to craft their content. While some old-school thinkers frown on using professional writers because they don’t think it makes sense to pay someone else to do what they can do just as well (or better), when it comes to writing classifieds—hiring someone who knows what they’re doing makes all the difference in getting your ad noticed and being taken seriously by your readers.


People are more inclined to act on classified ads that use pictures. If you’re selling a car, home appliance or piece of furniture, you should use at least one picture in your ad to entice people to look at it. If your ad has too many images, though, readers may skip over it and move on. So, include two or three photos when selling big items; use one picture when selling something small (like accessories or tchotchkes). You can take these pictures yourself with a smartphone or digital camera. Otherwise, hire someone else to do it for you. You might want to post these pics publicly on social media so potential buyers can see what they’re getting before they commit to buying anything from you.

Short and Clear Description Section: Call to Action Section: Price Range

Make Sure Your Phone Number is Present: Final Tips for Success

Location Section: Target Audience

An effective classified ad will address one target audience. There are two primary factors to keep in mind when thinking about location: geography and demographics. Knowing where your market is located (and how they spend their time) is crucial to attracting leads that are likely to convert into customers. It’s also important to decide if you want to reach out regionally or nationally—or both! Once you know where your target audience is, it will be much easier to get them interested in what you have available for sale. This also allows you to decide on appropriate classified sites, as well as local media outlets, event listings, etc…

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